02 November 2015

WestPac 29 Jan 89

29 Jan 89

160624, 2K2, 0.5, 450, Mankid

Devil Dog tried to Vertrep and Unrep, got 200 pallets onboard, but no fuel? USNS Ponchatoula and Niagara Falls came out. I see lines in the pictures but don't know if they ever got the fuel flowing. Wind and waves were too bad to Unrep and almost washed a sailor overboard on Ponchatoula. Could see the bottom of the bow and top of the props on the Niagara. Waves over the bow of everyone. Flew half an hour with Mankid on a test hop. We were waiting to takeoff winds were gusting to 50 knots in rain showers. We were on Spot 2 and the Huey shifted, with chains, 20 degrees to the right. Fun fun fun. We got airborne and came back. Mankid flew a great approach, timed the landing about 15 seconds after a wave broke over the bow. Chester was watching from Pri-Fly and said it was perfect. % minutes after we landed and were slashed a 20 foot wave came over the bow.

I got to see the bottom of Devil Dog's bow today. 164 to go.

CH-46E vertrep (vertical replenishment).

Green water over the bow of LHA-3.

USNS Ponchatoula plowing through the waves.

Germatown and Frederick enjoying the party.

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