08 November 2015

WestPac 27 Feb 89

27 Feb 89 Monday

Liberty in Oki, 1100 to 0800. No Gunfighters at the pier to pick us up. $5 cab ride to Kadena. Crappy exchange. Lousy lunch at O Club. Psycho showed up to rescue us at 1400. Talked to all the Gunfighters on the squadron deployment. MEU stocked the notorious ScarBar (converted BOQ room). Dinner on Highway 1, yaki soba was pretty good. Baack to ScarBar for a bottle rocket fight. Ah, Cobra Gunfighters show up to drink all the beer. Over to the Club and dice. Mankid buys the first round. Mooch drops die off the bar and buys the second. I buy the third. Oki guys still haven't bought, guess they're still in practice.

Okinawa is the pits, I'm glad I came on the MEU. There are some guys I'd hang out with here, Charlie, Jughead, Bean, Rawhide, Ozzie, Greg, Phil, Boingo, Duckie, Grif. Makes me want to hit the ground running when we get back. 135 to go.

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