13 November 2015

WestPac 27 Apr 89 Crossing The Line

27 Apr 89

Equator crossing, so now I'm a Shellback. We hid in our stateroom for a while, but then joined the festivities or else you don't get the certificate. Got herded around the ship, spent a lot of time in lines getting yelled at. Good natured fun. Then found a lot of slop to crawl through on the flight deck, kiss the baby, etc. I think they held on to chow trash for the last 2 weeks, maybe onloaded some in the PI. When it was done the cammies went overboard, they were trashed, a good set of my old corps poplins :(

Then we had another Steel Beach, burgers and a beer. Rest of the day was slow and boring, with a relaxing afternoon and evening. 76.

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