01 November 2015

WestPac 25 Jan 89

25 Jan 89

160453, 1A2, 2.0, 125/450, Mooch

The Lts get to fly. Early brief, scheduled as a PMC (Pax Mail Cargo) backup, behind a Frog. My first time to sign for an aircraft this WestPac, Mooch is my copilot. First delay due to saltwater washdown, After all the spray we took over the last couple of days, we have to rinse the aircraft before the salt builds up and corrodes the whole aircraft. Then we waited to get some fuel in our aux bag. Then they spilled the fuel and we ended up flying the whole flight doors open. Good thing the weather wasn't too bad. We were second off the deck behind the "Dog" (ship's Huey) and waited in the Starboard Delta for the 46 to lift. Once the Frog was airborne we moved over to Bold Explorer (Duluth) to try and DLQ. No joy because the pitch and roll were out of limits (4 & 12). We managed to work in 2 CCAs and 2 TACAN approaches, then we were put 6 miles out in holding while the Harriers ran attack profiles on Devil Dog. Finally we were cleared in "Charlie, Spot 4." It was a shortened approach from the abeam and winds were 30 knots down the nose. Hit a calm cycle of pitch and roll and did a nice landing, my best so far. SHut down and got off the deck before we got pitched or rolled off.

Worked out, weight was down to 160 from 164, I think mainly because most of the sweets have been cut out. Hope I can continue this trend. I'm starting to physically feel better and feel better mentally also. ANd besides, we have a PFT in Feb when we get to the PI. 168 days to go.

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