01 November 2015

WestPac 24 Jan 89

24 Jan 89

Seas today are 18-20 feet, winds across the deck of 50 knots. Not hard to figure out that flight ops are cancelled today. We went up to Pri-Fly and watched the LST Frederick take some blue water over her bow. The bow will come completely out of the water then bury itself in the next wave, completely under. I'm glad I'm not over there. I'm told that not only does the thing pitch and roll more with its flat bottom, but as it slams into the wave and shudders, it sends noise all through the ship. Not much else going on. Since we lost Monday, this will screw up my short timer's calendar. I'll figure it out though. 169 days to go.

LST-1184 USS Frederick "Commune Bravo"

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