08 November 2015

WestPac 24-27 Mar 89

24 Mar 89

Traveled through S. Korea and up towards Seoul. Bus to Pohang, train to Taegu, train to Pyongtaek, bus to Osan AFB. The train out of Taegu was funny, we bought tickets and pulled out of the station, rode about an hour. The train stopped at some unidentified station and a guy came through flipping all the seats around and back we went the other way to Pohang. THEN the train heads towards Taegu and Pyongtaek! Chow, Dae Hung Hotel. Had fun getting off the train, we weren't sure it was the right station and everyone got started moving late, some folks doing the tuck and roll as the train was pulling out. 110

25 Mar 89

Shopping Osan for shoes and suits. Bus to Yongsan, walk to Itaewon, shop, eat, cab to train station, bullet train to Pusan, got there late so we looked for a bar to hang out in til bus station opened in AM. Found the local karaoke bar, they wanted to know if we wnated a floor show. We said sure. The floor show turned out to be a drunk Korean Dong Ho singing Green Green Grass of Home, not quite what we had in mind. We beat feet to the local coffee house. 109

Great packaging!

26 Mar 89

Cab to Pusan bus station. Bus to Pohang, Cab to pier, took our lives in our hand with that ride. Bought clothes, eelskin, Reeboks, leather jacket from AAFES concession. 108

27 Mar 89

Pulled out to anchor. 107

Another fun way to kill time on the ship if you're not standing Integrity Watch, Squadron Duty Officer!

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