01 November 2015

WestPac 22 Jan 89 International Dateline

22 Jan 89

Super Bowl Sunday. Heard San Francisco won 20-16. Also light workout. Pilot training today, and IWO from 2000-0000. Weather was winds at 47-50 knots across the deck, and seas of 15-18 feet. That's almost hurricane force winds. All the helos held up pretty good so far, we only had a few blades come loose from their tiedowns. At 2200 we went through a front and it began to rain, but the winds died down. Pretty scary to me, out on the flight deck at night, in rain and winds with the ship pitching and rolling. We only let people go out in pairs with float coats, so they don't sail overboard. Also helicopters have 12 point tiedowns to keep them secure.

At midnight we crossed the international dateline so we rolled our watches ahead to 0001 Tuesday morning. While I was standing IWO the SgtMaj came by and told a story about skipping a day for the international dateline. A young Marine came up to him and said "SgtMaj, when I joined the Corps they told me that the only thing they couldn't take away was my birthday, and my birthday was supposed to be tomorrow." The SgtMaj told him he could have 2 birthdays on the way back. Guess if you have to lose a day, Monday is the day to lose. 170 days to go.

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