08 November 2015

WestPac 20 Mar 89

20 Mar 89 Monday

160624, 2M4, 2.8, 450, Chester

FLew 2.8 with Chester on an Arty raid HC(A). CH-53 from Oki crashed around CP Unity, killing 22 onboard, 15 survivors. Dave Pimple was the copilot from flight school. Survivors were brought to Devil Dog and some to Pohang. Long long day. Worst kind of crash imaginable, broke up into flames near the LZ. 1/5 Charlie CO on board, praying that Jeff or Jim's neighbor wasn't onboard. The survivors were all enlisted Marines. One of those days that some of us will never forget. Team Spirit sucks. 114.

Hoping we leave Korea in our wake soon.

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