01 November 2015

WestPac 20 Jan 89

20 Jan 89

160438, 1A!, 2.2, 210/450, Jabba

Slow day. 2.5 hours of Tactical Form Flying. Fun for us, but not for MR E and Mooch. Their FM radio was out so we had the tactical lead the whole time and made all the radio calls. Came back to the ship and made a left seat landing to spot 2. They don't normally want us doing this, but cleared us for it anyway. Afterwards I can see why, it is hard to see the LSE and I wouldn't want to have to stand where he does (portside, forward deck edge). Beautiful day though. Saw Mike Gomez, he was the Assistant Marine Officer Instructor from UT, he came by my room and we talked for an hour or so. He wants me to talk to some of his Marines about the MECEP program. This, and giving them briefs on the Huey, are the kind of things I want to do out here.

Worked out today, not too bad, twice this week. 161 pounds before workout. Still have good chow though. 172 days to go.

HMM-161(C) UH-1N and AH-1W refuel aboard USS Duluth "Bold Explorer."

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