01 November 2015

WestPac 14 Jan 89

14 Jan 89

160453, 1A4, 1.4, 450, Jabba

Another day on the WestPac transit. Briefed this morning for a 2 hour hop with Jabba. We're scheduled for Carrier Controlled Approaches and Deck Landing Quals (DLQs) on the Duluth. I briefed the hop and we ended up spending 45 minutes waiting to be spotted. Harriers and refueling caused the delay. Devil Dog is pitching and rolling pretty good. We are heading North on the Great Circle route and the seas are getting pretty rough for the smaller ships. It's fun to watch the birds landing. Our day was limited to DLQs on the Duluth. Pitch and roll were very interesting, but not extremely difficult. $ landings apiece and return to the D Dog, with me doing a right seat landing to spot 1, my first. Very limited visual cues, but we got it down.

Ran to chow, veal and potatoes, and back to the room for reorganization. Curtains were rehung so they slide, and I switched lockers with Chris. Finally issued MALS-39 their 782 gear, some more coveralls are gone and moved 782 gear to Palcons in lower V. Got more shit from maintenance who are confused as to where their crap is. Oh well, I probably come across the same. Half of it wouldn't even be here if not for Gus and Dutch's hard work, they did a great job of getting our gear aboard, arguing with the MEU on who got to bring what. I am signed for 50 48 cube embark boxes of gear that are sitting in a warehouse in Camp Pendleton, part of our field gear, it will be embarked to us if we go ashore somewhere for an extended period.

Enough bitching. We got our sink fixed, listened to Stanley Jordan and watched The Great Snatini. What a day. Tomorrow starts p.t. and a weigh in. We'll see how it goes. 178 left.

AH-1W Super Cobra being spotted on the Devil Dog.

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