01 November 2015

WestPac 19 Jan 89

19 Jan 89

160176, 1A4, 3.6, 450/451/120, Hammer

1 week underway, probably 1600-1700 miles off of the coast, 1000 miles North of Hawaii. Did a pilot monthly inspection of aircraft 132, hope SSgt Crawford gets to put our names on there. He is a good crew chief. Maintenance turn then 3.6 in 132. Bounced 6 times on Iron Giant then got sent to do a box hunt, which is radar vectors to look for an object in the water. Did some CCas and ASRs, we can use the instrument work. I'm safe, but I want to be right on the numbers. SPent a lot of time holding, then Starboard Delta pattern. Got 5 bounces on Devil Dog then had to land after both generators crapped out. An interesting few minutes getting back to the deck on battery power. Then more laundry!

ASR - Approach Surveillance Radar
CCA - Carrier Controlled Approach

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