01 November 2015

WestPac 17 Jan 89

17 Jan 89

Busy day. Early IWO watch ended with 4 sailor and 1 Marine sucumbing to oxygen deprivation while working in a compartment. Someone inadvertently set off the AFFF system and it knocked everyone out. There are enough hazards aboard the ship without getting injured by the systems that are supposed to protect you. Thank God everyone got pulled out and they are okay. Took myself off the schedule because I was tired. Tried to unscrew the laundry, turns out it wasn't worth it. The laundry will be fine and if I can't deal with it in my non-flying time then someone else needs to do it. I have a good NCO down there and he'll get it lined out, as long as I stay out of his way. Anyway, I was tired today, from the morning watch and the end of a cold. Long 16 hour day, wish there was something better to say about it. 175 days to go.

Av-8B coming aboard Devil Dog.

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