07 November 2015

WestPac 17 Feb 89

17 Feb 89

160452, 1A!, 3.1, 241/362, Chester

Called my parents. Forgot they were 2 hours ahead of California time , so I woke them up. They were happy to hear from me, everyone sounds all right. Mom likes her new car and the work will begin on their house soon.

Flew 3.1 hours of form, TERF, NVG form, NVG nav, NVG CALs. FLew green route TERF, did some CALs and returned for gas Went out for NVG NAv and I did a good job not getting us lost. We went a little higher on the route and it worked out fine. I had several good nav calls. We were offshore at one point and someone shot a pop up flare our direction from the NGF range, so we checked out of there and I navved us to a dirt airstrip without the map, just using known landmarks.

Another interesting thing were the fruit bats. We hit a couple of smaller ones and luckily missed the chihuahua sized ones. Maintenance says they will paint some bats on the birds, one Huey got 2 and the other got one. A few more and we'll be Aces.

Caught up on some sleep, ate a pizza at the Club, came home. Changed our Pocket Checklist to reflect our secondary mission of Cobra TRAP (Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel). 145 days to go.

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