01 November 2015

WestPac 16 Jan 89

16 Jan 89

160176, 1A4, 0.6, 450, Chester

Slow, slow, slow day. Picked up poopy suit (anti exposure) and had chow, burgers and E-Club stew. No aramid tops for my AE suit, so I guess its cotton long johns. First laundry day, should be interesting to see how it comes out. It's going to be hard for those Navy and Marine guys to work down there all day in the heat. Tonight is night fly time, went over to Iron Leader (Germantown) and did 3 bounces. Pitch and roll weren't too bad but wind caused some burbles around the trucks on the deck. Ate chow in the wardroom, not too bad. Mr E. met a Warrant Officer from 5 years back. Their first meeting started off with the WO telling Midshipman Adams to get a haircut. After chow, put on the poopy suit for the first time, and then we were called to return to the helo deck. Weather was closing in so we came back to Devil Dog and shut down. No sense pushing it, it is only training. Chester said my landings were good, thanks!

Roommates are Mr Bill Martin and Chris O'Connor, frog guys. One empty rack but that is reserved for Injun, who will join us in a few weeks. They are good guys, Chris is full of energy, probably because he is a bachelor :) Mr Bill is pretty quiet, so I guess Chris has to pick up the slack for us. Got Integrity Watch Officer (IWO) duty tomorrow and time to pay my mess dues.

USS Duluth LPD-6 "Bold Explorer" with AH-1W Super Cobra and UH-1N Super Huey aboard. DLQs in progress.

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