07 November 2015

WestPac 16 Feb 89

16 Feb 89

160438, 2M4, 3.1, 271, Mr E

Flew 3.1 with Mr E, same as day before. Injun flew with Jabba. 131 had high oil temp, so rest of day was scrubbed. Mooch shot 4 rockets. Ate at the club. There's a great band there that has the bext looking singer anyone has seen yet. She is a little taller and slimmer than the other women here.

Took Injun into Olongapo, I guess there's cheap beer there, anyway. We spent about three hours out in town. Not too many people out, they're probably shacked up since it's the day after payday. 146 to go.

Ship's Huey hanging out with one of ours.

Can't remember people names, wasn't there, can't prove it, but I do remember that the drinks were called "Cubi Specials." Pineapple Orange Mango Cranberry Grenadine RUM, they were way too good and went down fast.

16 parts orange juice,
14 parts pineapple juice,
1 part mango juice,
1 part cranberry juice,
1/2 part grenadine.
Lots of Rum; (between 10 and 15 parts)

To make the "Cubi Nuke" add vodka

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