01 November 2015

WestPac 15 Jan 89

15 Jan 89

Sunday. Changed time zones last night, picked up an hour. Today was a no fly day and a safety standdown. We had briefs from the Helicopter Direction Center, Legal Officer and a brief on standing Integrity Watch. Then we broke down into groups and talked about helicopter specific requirements, concerning safety. Today was the 38th birthday of HMM-161, established shortly after HMX-1. HMX was an experimental squadron and HMM-161 was the Marine Corps' first tactical helicopter squadron.

This morning was my first workout, 15 minutes running on the deck. The weather was overcast, with drizzle and 8-10 foot seas. The deck was pitching about 20-30 feet, which made great interval training, along with the 10-12 knot winds. Afterwards, crunches and leg lifts, 7 minutes on the wind racer and a few pullups. 162 pounds. Relaxed the rest of the afternoon and had prime rib for dinner. Tried our hand at pistol darts in the stateroom. Only 177 days left.

Clark checking out the HDC on Devil Dog.

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