13 November 2015

WestPac 14-20 Apr 89

14 Apr 89

Squadron party and PFT. Scored 279. The run was 3 km instead of 3 miles, downhill. Times will be adjusted :) 89.

15 Apr 89

160624, 1A1, 6.2, 140, Mr E

Medevac standby at Cavite with Mr E. Very scenic, good swimming, lots of civilians, very hot. The people come here from the city on the weekends to cool off and go swimming. A lot of them made the trek up the hill to check out the Huey, and wnated to take pictures with Mr E because he is so tall. 88.

Rigged a sun shade for the Huey, temps were over 100F.

Fine dining in the Bell Hotel.

16 Apr 89

Return from medevac. 87.

17 Apr 89

Out to medevac standby at Caballo Island, 53s came in at night with an external load and tried to land on us. Had to turn on our lights to wave them off. We ended up cranking up and repositioning so they could finish what they were doing. 86.

Don't want this dropped on you.

18 Apr 89

160624, 1A1, 2.5, 140, Mr E

Return from medevac standby. 85.

19 Apr 89

160624, 2M4, 2.5, 140, Mr E

VR frag, Cubi, Refugee center, St Rita, Capas, San Miguel, pool, O Club, sent mail. 84.

20 Apr 89

160438, 2K2, 0.2, 450, Jabba

Fly on pierside, mail packages, pick up helmet bag. Called home. 83.

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