14 November 2015

WestPac 12 May 89

12 May 89

Underway from Pearl. Safety Standdown continues from Saturday. Good EP discussion and bogus egress drill with all Huey pilots. CO did something very smart today, he queried all pilots concerning their ability and desire to fly considering all the different factors involved. Half day liberty after 2 weeks on the boat, news about going home, flight hours on track, all the personnel involved with flight ops, goals of the squadron considering we have 3 days or so to fly and ships are hauling ass to meet schedule, etc...).So as Huey pilots scheduled to fly night formation on 33% illumination, we politely declined to fly. We'll save that for some other time. So time for mail call! Got great letters from Kati, Aunt Mary, Mom and Pam. Best batch of letters so far. 6 days!

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