04 November 2015

WestPac 11 Feb 89

11 Feb 89 Saturday

Hey, we got a day off?! Got up and ran 3 miles, just to work up a sweat. Decided I like staying in the MEF Camp away from the senior guys. We have a house boy named Harry. For $20 over 2 weeks he will make racks, do laundry, shine boots, etc...If he gets our 15-20 squadbay people to sign up he'll make some decent money. My flight boots have never been so shiny and never will be again once I leave here. Walked around Subic main exchange, saw some nice items. Went to the ship for a couple of minutes. Found out Injun should be on his way, I hope his wife is doing all right. Anyway, the scenery here is lush, green, tropical, almost makes it fun to run, and the MEF Camp is on the highest point of the base, so we have a great view of the Bay. Ate chow, napped, then went into town with Mooch and Mr E. Found out is easier to let one girl sit by you and by her a drink rather than shooing each one away. 151 to go.

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