04 November 2015

WestPac 10 Feb 89

10 Feb 89 Friday

160438, 2M4, 2.7, 140, Mr. E

Flew to Poro Pt with Mr E, Mooch and Chester in the other bird, on a Whiskey engine change parts run. Mr E made most of the radio calls on the way up and me on the way back because 132 had a crappy UHF radio. Poro Pt is a remote Air Force comm site (Voice of AMerica?) but it is like its own small tropical paradise. Good place to break down. Flew over Lingayen Gulf, headed back to Cubi. Ate at the club, had a few San Miguel. Came home early, day off for PT. 152 to go.

AH-1W needs a new motor.

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