03 November 2015

WestPac 09 Feb 89

WestPac 09 Feb 89 Thursday

160624, 1A4, 2.5, 271, Mankid

Flew 2.5 hour on an assault escort with Mankid, on Hammer and Mooch's wing. Escorted 46s into the zone, then hung around Red Beach, Subic Bay for SimCIFS. Chester called in some missions for us, so we got to do some low level 50' TacForm over the bay and over the small huts on the beach. Landed 1030 at Cubi. Ate chow and hung out at the club, the San Miguel is cold and tasty. Found out we're staying in the upper MEF camp, air conditioned quonsets, open squad bay. Or I should say at least some of us, the Lts. It's about 1.5 miles to the O club, and there's only one all ranks club up here to eat at. Ran 25 minutes with Mooch, saw a flattened monkey and Mooch let me know to not mess with the live ones :) 50 pushups, 45 pullups, 100 situps. Went into Olongapo with Mr E and Mooch for a couple of hours. Magsaysay St. Walked over the infamous Shit River and saw kids diving for coins. Only had 3 hooks who wanted to be my friend, so that's probably not too bad. Who's to say if it would be better or worse if we weren't here to support the economy. The people living out in the grass huts inland probably don't think they have it too bad. I don't think they do, a simple existence. So I've been to Olongapo and had some San Miguel, time to go home. 153 to go.

Invading NAS Cubi.

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