13 November 2015

WestPac 08 Apr 89

08 Apr 89

On the go again, liberty time. China Fleet Club to buy pearls with Injun and Mooch. taxi to Peak Tram Terminal, after McDonalds. Victoria Peak tram to lookout, panoramic photos, destroyed a roll of film. Taxi to Stanley, photos, taxi through Aberdeen tunnel to Fenwick. Rest awhile, back out in town for a black pepper steak at China Fleet Club, subway to Kowloon, got some pictures developed, Temple St Night Market to spend our last few Hong Kong dollars. Bought Huey pin, more postcards. Cab back to terminal, ferry home, cleaning up the mess now. Need to sort pictures and get a scrapbook going. 95 to go.

Victoria Peak checking out the fleet in Hong Kong Harbor, Belleau Wood, Germantown, Duluth and Frederick.

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