08 November 2015

WestPac 06-09 Mar 89

06-09 Mar 89 Mon Tu Wed Th

God, what happened? Someone nuked us with a boredom bomb! Sitting in harbor at Pohang, no liberty, limited fresh JP-5 tainted water, haven't flown in 3 days. Laundry sucks, chow is pitiful at best, all the veal you can eat, but at least we are getting mail. Can't wait to get underway again. So bored I considering doing another section of the AWS correspondence couse. Well maybe not that bored...By the way Gen Hatcher lied, so much for flying from Oki to Korea. Guys who did go only made it to Iwakuni anyway because of weather, or was it the 3 extra days at the Q. PT'd a couple of more times. 128, 127, 126, 125 to go...well there's another good thing.

Mooch came by to entertain us.

Injun catching up on letters.

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