03 November 2015

WestPac 05 Feb 89

05 Feb 89 Sunday

160453, 1A2, 2.7, 271, 450, 320, Mooch

Great day, flew 2.7 hours mostly on a M-60 gun shoot, launched from USS Duluth. Navy provided some trimaran targets and we shot the hell out of them. SSgt Crawfored, LCpl Ramirez, LCpl Seidel. Expended 600 rounds, good shooting by the Crew Chiefs. Found some items on preflight, pin out on a cowling and broken super shaft safety wire. I signed for 132 and we ended up with rotor brake, inverter, ICS, UHF and oil cooler problems. Still flying strong though. Flew to Poro Point, my first helo landing on foreign soil. Saw some Jeepneys. Watched gun shoot off the Duluth. Got lots of mail. Put newspapers in the ready room, held on to the magazines for now. Ate some animal crackers. Great day, beautiful weather. 157 to go.

Getting ready to shoot

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