03 November 2015

WestPac 04 Feb 89

04 Feb 89 Saturday

Boring day. Flew over to LST in the back of a Frog to check on our detachment's 782 and NBC gear. One of my NBC boxes is stored in the bed of a 5 ton up on the bow and is probably soaked.* It has 20 NBC suits in it. I'll dry them out and turn them back in. Spent 4 hours over there, and it would suck being on that ship for the entire cruise. Too small. No store.

Today was a beautiful day, high 80s and 10-12 knots for wind. Flying off Friday to PI? We'll see. 158 to go.

* At the end of the deployment we opened the boxes and the suits were perfectly dry, the NBC guys did a great job of sealing up the box!

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