02 November 2015

WestPac 01 Feb 89

01 Feb 89 Wednesday

160453, 1A2/1A4, 1.4, 450/120, Hammer

Flew 1.4 with Hammer, 2 landings on Germantown, one CCA. After bouncing on Germantown twice we hit rain squalls and were stuck for 45 minutes while the front blew past. Then it was a one time shot to Devil Dog and shut down. I got both landings on Iron Giant.

Time for a few laundry stories. All the problems have been with delivery, which we aren't in charg of. One Captain came by to complain that they had pressed his jeans. He asked that they be hung up but not pressed. Really?! They're running laundry for 100 jarheads down there, and you send civvies down at your own risk. I couldn't believe how much time he had to complain about it. My roommates just laughed when he left and said they were sorry that I had to deal with such assholes. Other guys have complained that there stuff didn't get wsahed. I suggest that they follow their laundry down and watch it. Most of them don't think that this is funny...no sense of humor. The best story was when a BLT Captain was going bonkers looking for his roommate's cammie blouse. They were sure that it never came back and that the Laundry must have it, or maybe me. His said his roomie was "the senior Company Commander" and we must find it. When the LCpl in the laundry asked him where the blouse would be marked, the first Captain turned up the flap of the blouse he was wearing and said "It will be marked right here." Guess whose blouse he had on? Not his own.

Oh well. 161 days to go, Oki tomorrow.

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