20 October 2015

Gunfighter Diary Desert Storm 28 Jan 91

28 Jan 91

159204, 5T2, 5.0, 260 Peewee

Finished our standby stint, flew a little, nothing earth shattering. Wish the media would stop making things up. The thing that scares me most when flying most days is that I'm going to fall asleep from boredom. I hope it stays that way. RIght now I'm on the periphery of the action universe and that's where I prefer to stay.

Anyway, buzzed around today, not even worth writing about Or maybe we launched today on a top secret nuclear device delivery on SH's favorite camel soup kitchen. Boy, won't he be pissed. The hairy part was getting fuel in Kuwait City. You wouldn't believe the lines. And Morgan Fairchild was my copilot.

Got home too late to make it to the Brown Stuff Over Rice Cat-fe, so it was double cheeseburger with fries night. And peanut M&Ms, what a treat! Can't wait til tomorrow, maybe on standby again. And every other day of "Desert Storm." Are we a war yet?

Time for a shower, and then Bag, Sleeping, Cold Weather (Intermediate) requal.

Clark and Peewee looking for targets of opportunity.

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