21 October 2015

Gunfighter Diary Desert Storm 28 Feb 91

28 Feb 91

160176, 2R3, 0.8, 260, EggFu
160176, 2R3, 1.3, 260, EggFu

Took off heading to Lonesome Dove. The weather sucked, total crap between fog and smoke from the burning oil wells in Kuwait. We got 50 miles out and had to land because of the low vis. Tried flying on NVGs a bit in the middle of the day, not much better because there was absolutely nothing to orient off of. Waited an hour and tried again. Tried a third time and decided to climb up through the goop to the haze on top. Not much better but reduced our chances of smacking the ground. On the way we were told that the weather at Lonesome dove was zero/zero (clouds on the deck, zero vis). so we returned to Tanajib. Flew on instruments all the way back. Once we landed, MAG was alert enough to inform us that there was a weather hold, and "don't go anywhere." Thanks for the timely update. Spent the night in F.E. again, News on the radio hints at a cease fire, and we are told the other birds are coming back tomorrow AM.

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