21 October 2015

Gunfighter Diary Desert Storm 22 Feb 91

22 Feb 91

160179, 2K2, 0.4, FCF, Peewee

More combat test pilot duties. 210 was ready to go with 205's cannibalized parts. I found some oild lines hooked up backwards on preflight, that's why we have extra eyes. She had the engine pack out to change a gearbox. We worked on the bird all day, chasing oil leaks, rigging the engine, troubleshooting chip detectors, doing in flight power checks and track and balance of the main rotor. The weather sucked so it took a lot longer to get in and out of the pattern than normal, as we had to work around instrument arrivals.

With the "Ground War" due to start on the 24th, there is a driving factor behind our maintenance push. I took a hard look at all the birds, because who knows where they will be when their next major inspection comes due. I know the birds I sign off are solid.

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