20 October 2015

Gunfighter Diary Desert Storm 21 Jan 91

21 Jan 91

Our old squadron mate/former Cobra pilot Cliff Acree has popped up as a POW after being shot down with Guy Hunter in their OV-10 over northern Kuwait. Better news than other options. Kind of sobering to see their pictures on the news of someone you know, wondering if the bruised faces were from the ejection or compliments of the Iraqui forces. I think we know the answer. CNN broadcast some film of the POWS, speaking with their captors present, the spouses were "somewhat relieved" to learn about the fate of their husbands. (FMI: Boston Globe 3 Aug 1991 p. 3)

Good mail day, 5 more letters, guess there was a clog somewhere or they thought it was more important to ship over ammo vs MAIL! Trying to calm down the family, all kinds of bs and pontification about who is doing what and where. The only people that know what we are doing is us and I wish everyone else would keep their mouths shut, and stop calling home to relate their latest adventure, because then the telephone game starts. I have been surprised to call home and get informed about all the high tech secret squirrel Rambo stuff I have been up to, meanwhile I'm well rested and gaining weight on burgers and soda pop.

I'm sure a nap awaits somewhere.

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