21 October 2015

Gunfighter Diary Desert Storm 20 Feb 91

20 Feb 91

160438, 2R5, 0.3, 260, Peewee
160176, 2J2, 0.3, 260, Peewee

Spent the morning doing a ground power assurance check on 213. It had compressor stalls 2 bays before and a Functional Check Pilot (me) had to sign it off after they fixed it. Later in the day we got a call that 205 had overtorqued so Peewee and I hopped in 213, buzzed up the road and gave it to 205's pilots. We brought maintenance guys with us to inspect 205, and once it was determined that it was airworthy we flew it home and put it in the garage. Further inspection revealed corrosion on the engine compressor blades, so we'll swap an engine and move along. It was our weakest aircraft, aka a "pig" so maybe she'll fly better with the new engine.

So maintenance bandits went to work on 205 and stole parts off of 210 to make it an up aircraft.

Bureau Number = Modex
159204 201
160171 214
160176 205
160438 213
160624 Mishap bird

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