20 October 2015

Gunfighter Diary Desert Storm 19 Jan 91

19 Jan 91

159204, 6T2, 2.4, 261, Peewee First red ink time

Spent most of the day on standby then flew this evening to drop off some mail and gear for Irish's division. You know, our standard mission, Cobra support. It was night, the moon wasn't up yet, so I played with the ML-2 laser pointer and night vision binos along the way. They work great. Got lots of mail, 2 cards, 2 letters, 2 postcards. Also got a letter from my Dad. He talked a little about being a WWII POW and never pursuing the POW medal that he rates. He's mainly glad that he survived and prefers to be honored for the naval battles in early 1942 that he was in with the Asiatic Fleet on the USS Pope DD-225. Answered letters most of the day, but the horrors, the burger and soda stand closed today and we had to eat Marine chow. We are hoping that this is temporary, and we still have a small MCX to get junk food. If I didn't record it earlier, we did find our Frostee the Snowman after the failed kidnapping and Tom's pink plastic flamingos are safe as well. Good thing we found Frostee, now I don't have to sell one of the Lhasas.

201 ready for action

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