21 October 2015

Gunfighter Diary Desert Storm 19 Feb 91

19 Feb 91

159204, 2K2, 0.7, FCF, Campbell

No mail today. Today I tested 201, which had problems the day before with passing power checks. When I preflighted I noticed that the torque gauges read high and low in a static condition. I asked the Avionics guys about that, my theory being that maybe the engines were fine and the gauges were skewed. If you pull too much torque to get to the desired reading, then the Ng gas generator gauge would read high. Plus, the Ng gauge was reading high as well in a static condition. So the two combined readings had indicated high for the previous Functional Check Pilots and the bird had failed the power checks. Avionics adjusted one gauge and replaced another and voila, power checks are good! Made me feel good to know the birds are ready to go, I get kind of attached to them. There is a a sense of accomplishment completing a functional checkflight and certifying that the aircraft is safe for flight. 201 also had a hub and blade assembly swapped, so we did a track and balance on that as well.

I have less than a year left on my contract. Will I be a civilian in one year? Lot's of things left to happen between now and then.*

Soviets trying to negotiate a peace proposal? Better hurry up.

* Author's note 2015: I stayed til retirement at 20 years :)

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