20 October 2015

Gunfighter Diary Desert Storm 18 Jan 91

18 Jan 91 Things are sailing along smoothly here, I wasn't even on the schedule today. We're running standby crews in case the Iraqui forces in southern Kuwait decide to counter attack. So far all they've put out is sporadic, ineffective harassing fire. We're here to support the ground element and they haven't been engaged yet. This morning though, we were woken up by NBC alarms, turned on the radio and heard that Iraq launched Scud missiles into Israel. It was quite exciting listening to the radio and wondering hat would happen next. We wore our gas mask for a half hour or so but turns out someone overreacted. I am more worried about the errant missiles, I think I have about as good a chance of launching one and hitting the intended target as anyone shooting in desperation does. And it sounds like the Patriot missiles are working. So far it has been mostly calm here, but tonight was memorable. Some of our guys on standby at different locations had artillery rounds land within a couple of miles of them. The Iraquis set up quick, shoot and run, so the chances of them staying around long enough to adjust fire and hit something are slim. News report: "Marine Cobra gunships were called on to silence an artillery command/observation post and mortar position, according to the nose news." From what I hear some of our Cobras played Whack A Mole with some enemy artillery observers holed up in a multi story building, using TOW missiles. But for me another boring day, and that's okay.

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