21 October 2015

Gunfighter Diary Desert Storm 18 Feb 91

18 Feb 91

No flying. No mail. But at least I'm not in the desert........oh wait......

Thinking about Injun, I grin. My biggest grin so far. When we were in Korea, on liberty in Pohang, we had each 2 dollars worth of won left and had a competition to see who could buy what. We both bought miniature 90 degree flashlights. He paid 2 dollars and I paid $1.98. I always gave him shit about getting ripped off, being a boot, that is until mine fell apart at CAX last October (89). When he moved into our tent on 31 Jan he was giving me shit back while I was looking for my newest flashlight. "Hey Lewdog, why don't you use that cheap light you bought in Korea?...Oh, that's right, it's in a million pieces in your dresser drawer at home!...Guess you get what you pay for." I countered by asserting that I would retire a rich man, at an early age, based on all of the interest that extra 2 cents was earning me. He wasn't swayed.

One of the crew chiefs told me a funny story about Injun. Injun and his crew were at MEF HQ the night the air war started and they ended up in Gen Boomer's bunker because arty and mortar shells were falling in the local area. Everyone was on edge, hungry for updates. Jim was trying to tune a small radio to get BBC or AFRTS news. Cpl Hulse was asking him "You got anything sir? What are they saying?" Jim raised his eyebrows, quieted everyone and reported".....They're saying....Buckwheat...is dead. Yes, it's confirmed, Buckwheat is dead. They're interviewing his third grade teacher." Remember SNL News Special Reports? Cpl Hulse said it was hilarious and really relaxed everyone, they all started joking after that.

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