20 October 2015

Gunfighter Diary Desert Storm 17 Jan 91

17 Jan 91 "The Mother of All Wars" started today. We'll see how it goes. Called home, so they were tipped off that I wasn't leading the charge. As alluded to earlier, the initial phases kicked off with smart weapons such as Tomahawks and laser guided munitions, no Hueys. The war started with me snoozing soundly on the desert cot. I did wake up about the time it started and went to take a leak. Peewee was awake when I came back in and I joked "It must be starting without us." Went back to sleep, slept great, went to work at 0600. Things looked relatively normal, but some birds were out. Our standby crews were launched, went out and got utilized and came back with no problems. They went up North to be closer to the border if needed. Spot went out with Mooch and some Co-Bros and trolled around a bit. Later Spot was telling us to not go poking in our noses where they don't belong. Our primary mission is to support the grunts and they aren't engaged yet. There were a few reactions along the border, but not much going on. Peewee and I got sent back to the tent to rest up for 1800-0600 standby crew. Listened to the radio and slept all day> Glad to hear that there were few casualties in the initial strikes. I'm glad it has started, that sounds stupid. But the stakes for the future are too high just to let SH sit there and strike other countries first. I'd be mad if we'd waited for to start wiping out folks with biological or chemical weapons, we've got too much technological advantage to let that happen. Oh well, it's happening. Our role is minimal so far. Ground units are still prepping for the offensive. Shitters and Frogs will haul troops and resupply, we'll haul the tactical VIPS, maybe be used for TRAP (Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel) or Medevac. I'm glad the coalition took the initiative, easy for me to say, all I've seen so far is my tent. When we went in at 1800 we were cancelled, no hero missions today. Anyway the first day at "war" was totally uneventful. oh wait, dropped off some laundry, went by the exchange, got lots of naps, called home. Now it is time for the combat test pilot to brave the showers, toughest mission all day.

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