20 October 2015

Gunfighter Diary Desert Storm 16 Jan 91

16 Jan 91 Author's note 20 Oct 2015: I have to warn you, don't expect any magnificent action reports from here on, possibly more boring on my end as I put my combat maintenance pilot skills to use. But I'll add more pictures of sand and keep you updated on what was for dinner, how much I napped during Marine Officer Rest Period (MORP), etc... Read on. Clark

159204, 5T2, 3.2, 260, Peewee

Called home. So far, nothing. The UN cutoff date came and went. I'm glad the Iraquis didn't attack us. We were basically on standby all day. Today I flew with Peewee, out to support a grunt training exercise. We got off late because of an aircraft problem, had to take the backup, but when we got there the grunts weren't even expecting us. We hung around and bugged them to let us fly them anyway. It was fun, I played with the GPS and worked hard on my other nav skills, been kind of lazy in that regard recently. We headed towards the wrong clump of grunts first, but based on the frag decided it was the smaller group that we were tasked to support. And that's where the GPS was pointing us. Wore my desert flight suit today. Several grunts looked at me strange because I was wearing an Army Aviator survival vest as well. Part of out test and evaluation of different Aviation Life Support Systems. We have approval to wear them now with our body armor system, Sgt Lee got 2 from the Army. The body armor is actually ballistic nylon. It's heavy but it's the best available. If I do my job right it won't be put to use. Trying to order some more caving ladders, each Huey should have one in case somebody ends up in the drink. Then their wingman can hover over them and they can clip onto the ladder for extraction. Rest of the day was boring.

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