21 October 2015

Gunfighter Diary Desert Storm 15 Feb 91

15 Feb 91

159204, 2R5, 4.8, 260, Space

Flew with Space today, lead a section with Jughead and Perry in Dash 2. Our mission was to fly an Aramco rep out over the Gulf to look at the oil slick. It's still a mess in some places, but for some reason I don't give a shit about the Persian Gulf. We flew about 50 miles offshore, saw lots of oil platforms and even a few Iranian platforms in the distance. We stayed away from those. After we finished we flew a Navy Safety Center rep out to the mishap site, then to HMA-775's mishap site. They had a J model Cobra crash on 2 Feb in conditions similar to ours, night, hazy, horizon rapidly disappearing. Both pilots were killed when they hit the terrain at a low angle. It was not "combat related."

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