20 October 2015

Gunfighter Diary Desert Storm 13 Feb 91

13 Feb 91

160176, 2R5, 2.1,260, Peewee

Flew Gen Schwarzkopf and LtGen Boomer today. That's a lot of stars. Probably will be the highlight of my VIP career. It was fun everything went smoothly. Best part was that I don't think anyone in the squadron realized that we would be doing this as part of our 2 day standby mission, otherwise we would might have been booted. Maybe we can ask LtGen Boomer to standby for 2-4 weeks.

Anyway, we flew out to see Marines in the field. They talked to us a bit, no earth shattering revelations or changes to battle plans as a result of our input. Of course they were in awe of Super Huey. We dropped them off for lunch and 2nd?MarDiv and went to refuel. When we picked them mid afternoon it had warmed up and we creeped out of the zone with a full load of fuel and whatever bricks they had for lunch. DUring our refueling stop our crew chief told us that every time we took a turn, Schwarzkopf's security guy would check his watch, hit a timer and look at his compass. Interesting we thought, let's make a bunch of little turns on the way back to the drop him off and see if his head explodes trying to do all the math. It didn't, so we didn't have to wash out the bird afterward.

The Gulf is a mess from the oil spills.

Gen Schwarzkopf visiting Marines at NAF Jubail. Not sure if this is the time we flew him or a different time. I was intrigued by his body guards, civilian clothes but they were Delta Force. They popped out the back of his jet as soon as it got to the tarmac and jogged in beside it. Now I'm remembering our crew chief briefing him and giving him a cranial, so the memory light flickers that e picked him up at the airfield for our mission.

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