14 November 2015

WestPac 18 Jun 89 Fly Off

18 Jun 89 Sunday

160453, 1A1, 0.5, 125, Jabba

Flew off the Devil Dog to Camp Pendleton, back to the States. We will be held in reserve for potential invasion of Panama, and remain chopped to the MEU for the next 3 weeks. Once the next MEU is ready to go, we'll chop back to HMLA-369, whose main body just returned from the Okinawa deployment. Our flying for the next few weeks will be done under the auspices of HMM-161(C), but we'll fly out of Camp Pendleton.

Author's Notes 14 Jun 2015: It has been fun to go back through time and remember the events that transpired during WestPac 89. Most events that is, I still think of our squadron mates who perished in Korea, those names will be respected. It was a time of challenges and opportunities for a 1stLt, and I learned a lot along the way. And some things did not dawn on me until later in life. We had a great group of guys and lots of liberty. Couple that with getting to come home early to friends and family.

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope it sheds a little light on the daily shipboard life of a young Marine Huey pilot.

Semper Fidelis,

WestPac 17 Jun 89

17 Jun 89

Prepping for fly off. We are taking some of our gear but leaving the bulk of it on the ship, in case we load back up and head to Panama. The skid detachment will fly off as we pass Camp Pendleton, the Frogs and Shitters will head to Tustin and the Harriers to Yuma. Waiting for the wakeup!

WestPac 16 Jun 89

16 Jun 89

Ground turn 133, get her ready for fly off. Laundry. Embark. 782 gear turn in. Etc... 1 day and a wakeup!

WestPac 15 Jun 89

15 Jun 89 Thursday

160453, 2K2, 1.0, 450, Test, Mankid

1.0 test with Mankid for lateral servo, plus burn off the aux bag. 3 days.

WestPac 14 Jun 89

14 Jun 89 Wednesday

160438, 1A4, 2.5, 450, Injun

Flag Day. Return from Duluth with Injun. 2.5 hours DLQ EMCON. 4 days.

WestPac 13 Jun 89

13 Jun 89 Tuesday

160438, 1A4, 3.6, 450/451/125, Injun

RON Duluth, 3.6 hours DLQ and night DLQ. 5.


WestPac 12 May 89

12 May 89

Underway from Pearl. Safety Standdown continues from Saturday. Good EP discussion and bogus egress drill with all Huey pilots. CO did something very smart today, he queried all pilots concerning their ability and desire to fly considering all the different factors involved. Half day liberty after 2 weeks on the boat, news about going home, flight hours on track, all the personnel involved with flight ops, goals of the squadron considering we have 3 days or so to fly and ships are hauling ass to meet schedule, etc...).So as Huey pilots scheduled to fly night formation on 33% illumination, we politely declined to fly. We'll save that for some other time. So time for mail call! Got great letters from Kati, Aunt Mary, Mom and Pam. Best batch of letters so far. 6 days!

WestPac 11 Jun 89

11 Jun 89 Sunday

In port Pearl Harbor, it was sobering to pass the Arizona Memorial on the way in. Cleared customs. Cinderalla Liberty. Visited Arizona Memorial, bought a flag that was flown over the Memorial on Memorial Day.

Injun, Mr Bill and Mooch checking out the Arizona Memorial.

Went to Hale Koa military resort, Waikiki Beach, volleyball tournament, Shorebird swimsuit contest. Pieces of 8 for dinner with Talamantes, Mr Bill Injun and Mooch. Had a few rum drinks wit umbrellas in them. Bought a Hawaiian shirt. Back on the ship by midnight before we turned into pumpkins. 7 days to go.

Clark and Injun.

Injun Mooch and Clark.

WestPac 30 May - 10 Jun 89

30 May - 10 Jun 89

Flying, Laundry, Customs, Embarkation, Debarkation planning. Lots of things all going on at once. Spent a few nights on the Duluth. Starting towards FCP syllabus. Crappy chow, same old movies, but we are heading home. Got mail two days out of Hawaii. Yea!!

01 Jun 160438, 2M4, 2.7, 450/124, Mankid

Spotting one of the Hueys.

05 Jun 160438, 1A4, 3.0, 140/450/451, Injun

1stLt James "Injun" Thorp

06 Jun 160453, 1A7, 3.7, 450/140, Mankid

Harrier landing

08 Jun 160438, 1A1, 3.7, 450, Jabba

09 Jun 160438, 1A1, 1.8, 450, Jabba

Double Digit Midgets!!

WestPac 29 May 89

29 May 89 Monday

Underway from Brisbane. Found out instead of going to Guam, Alaska and Seattle for exercises and 6 more weeks of amphibious fun, we're being sent to San Diego via Hawaii, to be home in 3 weeks. Great! 2 weeks to Hawaii, 1 week to San Diego, then who knows what? We are to be held available for invading Panama. Days now? Or extended?!

WestPac 28 May 89

28 May 89 Sunday

Returned car. Bought envelopes and coasters. Took pictures of Town Hall and the Church. Cab back to ship. Static display from 1300 with Frank Meaney and Steve Hulse, had a blast meeting the locals. Wrote letters and ordered a Dominos Pizza. Settled in for the evening, watched the movie Running Man. 45 days.

WestPac 27 May 89

27 May 89 Saturday

Rental car to Gold Coast. Breakfast at Anglican Pancake House. Left hand driving to Surfer's Paradise. Weather sucked, shopping and $3 gambling at Jupiter's Casino. Late dinner at Tortilla's, lousy Mexican food, go figure. 46.

WestPac 26 May 89

26 May 89

Shopping in Brisbane with Injun and Mooch. McDs, photo enlargments. Summer Service Charlies to 6th Brigade Officers' Mess for chow and brew. LtCol Price, Maj McCloskey, Maj Bartels, Capt Hall, Injun, Mooch. Learned how to take cork off of champagne with a sword (le saberage) and I think we drank out of a trophy... Bus back to ship around 2030. Good time. 47 more days to go!

WestPac 25 May 89

25 May 89 Thursday

In port Brisbane. Summer Service Charlies to town with Injun. Shopped at Queensland mall, developed pictures. Evening reception at US Consul's residence, in Dress Blues. 48.

WestPac 24 May 89

24 May 89 Wednesday

No fly. Laundry bs. Heading to Brisbane. 49.

WestPac 23 May 89

23 May 89 Tuesday

No fly. Laundry bs. 50.

WestPac 22 May 89

22 May 89 Monday

160453, 2M4, 4.8, 450, Mankid

Flew Admiral Hudso (Aus CNS) to Rockhampton. 4.8 hours. 51.

Australian military exercises.

WestPac 21 May 89

21 May 89 Sunday

160453, 2M4/2K2, 4.7, 140/450, Mankid

More exercise bs, flew in support for Command and Control, VIP VR and pax runs. 52.

WestPac 20 May 89

20 May 89 Saturday

160624, 2M4, 1.5, 140/450, Mankid

Return from medevac standby. Total 1.5 hours. Observed dawn attacks at 0930, ate too many MREs. Recovered aboard Devil Dog. 53.

WestPac 19 May 89

19 May 89 Friday

160438, 2M4, 1.8, 450/140, Mankid

Overnight medevac standby to Samuel Hill. Rain again, but Bell Hotel comes through again. 54.

WestPac 18 May 89

18 May 89 Thursday

Overnight medevac standby on Townshend Island. 60 knot+ winds. India Company was conducting a night boat raid and the boats got flipped by stern waves. One Marine died, he was found too late. Mooch and Mr E launched in the darkness and plucked Marines off the rocks and helped round everyone up. We were too far away to assist, spent the night in the Bell Hotel watching the airspeed indicator flicker around 60 knots. 55.

WestPac 17 May 89

17 May 89 Wednesday

160438, 1A1, 1.4, 250/451, Mankid

1.4 on NVGs with Mankid, warmup for upcoming ops. 56.

WestPac 16 May 89

16 May 89 Tuesday

No fly, catch up on sleep. IWO. 57.

WestPac 15 May 89

15 May 89

160624, 2K2, 0.3, Test, Hammer

Airport then back to ship. Underway early, as we were pushing off the pier we saw a cab come screaming up and two sailors jump out. They missed the boat! A pilot boat brought them out later the same day. Turned the birds for maintenance. 58.

WestPac 14 May 89

14 May 89 Sunday

Hydrofoil to Manly, checked out the beach, Cadillac Cafe, MCDs in Kings Cross, dinner. 59.

WestPac 13 May 89

13 May 89 Saturday

Bought some reef prints. Ansett to Sydney, chow at Sydney Centrepoint tower. 60.

WestPac 12 May 89

12 May 89 Friday

Great Barrier Reef adventures to Green Island, beach, tea, snorkel lesson. Reef cat to Norman Reef for underwater observatory, lunch, snorkel and trip back to Cairns. Dinner at BBQ Barn. 61.

WestPac 11 May 89

11 May 89 Thursday

Quantas to Cairns, Hilton International. 60.

WestPac 10 May 89

10 May 89 Wednesday

Performing Arts Center Tour, Ballet, Chinese Food. 63.

WestPac 09 May

09 May 89 Tuesday

Blue Mountains, Katoonga, 3 Sisters, Skyway, Featherdale with the koalas. 64.

WestPac 08 May 89

08 May 89 Monday

Centreport Tower, Bourbon and Beefsteak with Injun, Mooch and Mr Bill. 65.

WestPac 07 May 89

07 May 89 Sunday

Darling Harbor, Queen Victoria building, Aquarium, Chinese Gardens, Miyako Restaurant in Double Bay. 66.

WestPac 06 May 89

06 May 89

Dinner on the town at Bourbon and Beefsteak, stayed at the Sebel Townhouse. 67.

13 November 2015

WestPac 05 May 89

05 May 89

Pulled into port Sydney, Australia!. Reception at the Opera House in Dress Blues. Then Summer Service Charlies to the Woolomoolo Pub. 68.

Mustangs Mr Bill, Injun, Mooch and Clark ready for liberty in Sydney.

WestPac 04 May 89

04 May 89 Thursday

160176, 2K2, 0.4, Test, Jabba
160438, 2K2, 0.5, 450, Jabba
160453, 2K2, 1.2, 125, Jabba

Flew test hops with Jabba. Tested 130 for a 90 degree gearbox change. 131 for vibrex and set auto turns and 132 for vibrex and auto turns. All three up and ready. More laundry business, busy day.Finally putting uniforms together and winding down by 2200. 69.

Yes we had a small laundry dryer fire, sorry about your shirt Irish.

WestPac 03 May 89

03 May 89 Wednesday

160176, 1A2, 1.9, 125/450, Hammer
160453, 1A4, 1.0, 450/451, Mr E

Flew in the morning with Hammer, CCAs on return from Bold Explorer. Laundry business. Flew late afternoon with Mr E for 1.0, DLQs and pinky time nite. 70.

WestPac 02 May 89

02 May 89 Tuesday

160176, 2M4, 6.5, 450/451/125, Mr E

Flew 6.5 with Mr E on DLQs, Nite DLQs and ELVAS. Also TACAN approaches. 71.

WestPac 01 May 89

01 May 89 Monday

160624, 2M4, 0.1, 450, Mankid
160624, 2K2, 0.1, 450, Mankid
160453, 2K2, 1.1, 450, Mankid

Flew to Bold Explorer. Tested 133 for yaw, roll SCAS problems and 132 for a C Phase. Stayed overnight with Gardner Howe and Dick Hoffman Navy SEALs, great guys. Excellent chow. Cross deck for flex deck ops, 2 Cobras and 2 Hueys. 72.

Can't remember when we got buzzed by this Russian ship.

WestPac 30 Apr 89

30 Apr 89 Sunday


WestPac 29 Apr 89

29 Apr 89 Saturday

160176, 1A4, 1.3, 125, Mankid

Boring. 74.

WestPac 28 Apr 89

28 Apr 89 Friday

Boring. 75.

WestPac 27 Apr 89 Crossing The Line

27 Apr 89

Equator crossing, so now I'm a Shellback. We hid in our stateroom for a while, but then joined the festivities or else you don't get the certificate. Got herded around the ship, spent a lot of time in lines getting yelled at. Good natured fun. Then found a lot of slop to crawl through on the flight deck, kiss the baby, etc. I think they held on to chow trash for the last 2 weeks, maybe onloaded some in the PI. When it was done the cammies went overboard, they were trashed, a good set of my old corps poplins :(

Then we had another Steel Beach, burgers and a beer. Rest of the day was slow and boring, with a relaxing afternoon and evening. 76.

WestPac 26 Apr 89

26 Apr 89 Wednesday

Safety Standdown. Wog O Choir. Beauty Queen contest. 77.

Heading out to sing in the wog O Choir.

WestPac 25 Apr 89

25 Apr 89 Tuesday

Flew DLQs on Duluth with Hammer. Oil leak, came home. 78.

WestPac 24 Apr 89

24 Apr 89

160624, 1A4, 1.5, 450, Hammer

Who cares. 79.

WestPac 22 Apr 89

22 Apr 89

Sunday Steel Beach. IWO. PT. 80.

WestPac 22 Apr 89

22 Apr 89

No fly. Boring. 81.

WestPac 21 Apr 89

21 Apr 89

Nothing...underway... 82.

WestPac 14-20 Apr 89

14 Apr 89

Squadron party and PFT. Scored 279. The run was 3 km instead of 3 miles, downhill. Times will be adjusted :) 89.

15 Apr 89

160624, 1A1, 6.2, 140, Mr E

Medevac standby at Cavite with Mr E. Very scenic, good swimming, lots of civilians, very hot. The people come here from the city on the weekends to cool off and go swimming. A lot of them made the trek up the hill to check out the Huey, and wnated to take pictures with Mr E because he is so tall. 88.

Rigged a sun shade for the Huey, temps were over 100F.

Fine dining in the Bell Hotel.

16 Apr 89

Return from medevac. 87.

17 Apr 89

Out to medevac standby at Caballo Island, 53s came in at night with an external load and tried to land on us. Had to turn on our lights to wave them off. We ended up cranking up and repositioning so they could finish what they were doing. 86.

Don't want this dropped on you.

18 Apr 89

160624, 1A1, 2.5, 140, Mr E

Return from medevac standby. 85.

19 Apr 89

160624, 2M4, 2.5, 140, Mr E

VR frag, Cubi, Refugee center, St Rita, Capas, San Miguel, pool, O Club, sent mail. 84.

20 Apr 89

160438, 2K2, 0.2, 450, Jabba

Fly on pierside, mail packages, pick up helmet bag. Called home. 83.

WestPac 13 Apr 89

13 Apr 89

160176, 1A1, 4.0, 500/142, Hammer

Went to ship, clean up and nap after SDO. Lunch at Cubi O Club, mailed packages, bought stamps. Flew 4 hours with Hammer on gun shoot, spent 45 minutes chasing banca boats around Los Frailes, then gun jams. ANd 2.5 on Fam Insturctor training hop, first one. Did a little of everything. Good instruction and hints. Dinner at Cubi O. Got a room overnight at the Q. 90 to go.

WestPac 12 Apr 89

12 Apr 89

160624, 1A1, 1.5, 170/110, Mr E

Hump Day! 3 months to go. We rate Sea Service Deployment ribbons now, whoopee. Flew with Mr E, 1.5 TERF around Mt Bagang. Terfed river bottoms, pretty relaxed warmup going at a good pace. SDO in evening, slept on cruise boxes with bubble wrap. Actually slept pretty well. Got mail. 91 to go.

WestPac 09-11 Apr 89

09 Apr 89

160453, 1A4, 0.7, 450, Chester

Underway Hong Kong to the Phillipines. Day CQ/DLQ with Chester. 94 to go.

10 Apr 89

160624, 2K2, 0.6, 450/125, Chester

Day CQ/DLQ with Chester. 93 to go.

11 Apr 89

160624, 2M4, 5.0, 450, Mooch

0450 launch with Mooch, Command and Control with BLT CO. Non Combatant Evacuation Op training (NEO) to airfield, LZ Tophat. Visual Recon Binanga Bay, TERF around the river bed. 5 hours. Standby on lower carrier pier. 92 to go, spent the night on the ship.

WestPac 08 Apr 89

08 Apr 89

On the go again, liberty time. China Fleet Club to buy pearls with Injun and Mooch. taxi to Peak Tram Terminal, after McDonalds. Victoria Peak tram to lookout, panoramic photos, destroyed a roll of film. Taxi to Stanley, photos, taxi through Aberdeen tunnel to Fenwick. Rest awhile, back out in town for a black pepper steak at China Fleet Club, subway to Kowloon, got some pictures developed, Temple St Night Market to spend our last few Hong Kong dollars. Bought Huey pin, more postcards. Cab back to terminal, ferry home, cleaning up the mess now. Need to sort pictures and get a scrapbook going. 95 to go.

Victoria Peak checking out the fleet in Hong Kong Harbor, Belleau Wood, Germantown, Duluth and Frederick.

WestPac 07 Apr 89

07 Apr 89

Bought camera at Kowloon. Minolta 7000AF, 35-70 zoom, 2800 flash, access bag. Toured Kowloon, Austin St, Nathan Ave, Bootoms Up. Returend to Devil Dog for pm duty, caught up on letters. Retired 0330. 96 to go.

First shot with Minolta.

WestPac 06 April 89

06 Apr 89

Slept!! Double decker bus to Stanley Market/Village. Lots of good bargains. Silk robe, 2 ties, sweater, windbreaker, prints and watercolors. Dinner at chinese restaurant with Injun, Mooch, Rick and Hogberg. Double decker bus back, talked to a Toronto couple, ferry to ship. Early evening. 97.

WestPac 05 Apr 89

05 Apr 89

Star Ferry to Kowloon, Bought postcards. Ate $12 club sandwich at Omni Hotel. Looked for "Rolex" watch (Rolax, Robex, Rolag, Robax, etc...) Star Ferry back. 1700 Shore Patrol duty with Royal Military Police Sean, Jeff, Rickie and Zach (German Sheperd) in Wan Chai district until 0500.Visited Pussycat, Suzy Wong, Crossroads, Butterfly, Country, Popeye. Ugly women, some toothless or was that topless. Lots of fun talking to the Brits. 98.

WestPac 04 Apr 89

04 Apr 89

Good morning Hong Kong. Delayed 4 hours into port due to fog. Finally saw the city from the flight deck, nothing like I imagined. Walked around HK with Injun and Jabba. Changed US dollars into Hong Kong dollars, went to Hilton, called home from Furawa Hotel. Ate at Jade Garden restaurant, checked out all the clubs in Man Chai, dead dea dead with ugly ?girls?
it looks like a serviceman's trap. Back to the ship at 2130. 99 to go.

Hong Kong!

08 November 2015

WestPac 01-03 Apr 89

01-03 Apr 89

01 Apr 160438, 1A4, 1.2, 450/451, Chester
03 Apr 160624, 1A2/1A4, 2.3, 450/125, Chester

Transit Oki to Hong Kong. Flew with Mooch DLQ, Injun DLQ, Chester DLQ. Night DLQ aboard Duluth. Very dark night, good lessons learned. 102, 101, 100.

Injun and Clark after night DLQs on Bold Explorer. Spent a few nights aboard and enjoyed some time away from Devil Dog.

WestPac 29-31 Mar 89

29-31 Mar 89

29 Mar 160176, 1A4/1A2, 2.0, 460/125, Mooch

Transition Korea to Oki White Beach to Camp Courtney. Phone call home. Ran 35 minutes. MCX shopping, powder box for Susan. Took some pictures and retired early.

105, 104, 103.

Injun and Clark.

WestPac 28 Mar 89

28 Mar 89

160176, 1A4, 1.3, 250, Injun

Flew 1.3 with Injun, DLQs aboard the Devil Dog. 106

WestPac 24-27 Mar 89

24 Mar 89

Traveled through S. Korea and up towards Seoul. Bus to Pohang, train to Taegu, train to Pyongtaek, bus to Osan AFB. The train out of Taegu was funny, we bought tickets and pulled out of the station, rode about an hour. The train stopped at some unidentified station and a guy came through flipping all the seats around and back we went the other way to Pohang. THEN the train heads towards Taegu and Pyongtaek! Chow, Dae Hung Hotel. Had fun getting off the train, we weren't sure it was the right station and everyone got started moving late, some folks doing the tuck and roll as the train was pulling out. 110

25 Mar 89

Shopping Osan for shoes and suits. Bus to Yongsan, walk to Itaewon, shop, eat, cab to train station, bullet train to Pusan, got there late so we looked for a bar to hang out in til bus station opened in AM. Found the local karaoke bar, they wanted to know if we wnated a floor show. We said sure. The floor show turned out to be a drunk Korean Dong Ho singing Green Green Grass of Home, not quite what we had in mind. We beat feet to the local coffee house. 109

Great packaging!

26 Mar 89

Cab to Pusan bus station. Bus to Pohang, Cab to pier, took our lives in our hand with that ride. Bought clothes, eelskin, Reeboks, leather jacket from AAFES concession. 108

27 Mar 89

Pulled out to anchor. 107

Another fun way to kill time on the ship if you're not standing Integrity Watch, Squadron Duty Officer!

WestPac 23 Mar 89

23 Mar 89 Thursday

160624, 2M4, 3.8, 450, Mankid

Boat ops, wrapped up Team Spirit. 111.

WestPac 22 Mar 89

22 Mar 89

160438, 2M4, 3.8, 450 Mankid

Boat ops. 112.

WestPac 21 Mar 89

21 Mar 89 Tuesday

160624, 2M4, 2.5, 450/360, Chester

Flew 2.5 with Chester as HC(A) on arty raid. 4 Frogs, 2 Shitters, 3 Cobras, 1 Huey and 2 198s. Pretty cool mission, fun to watch. Better than chasing cammies. 113.

Scarriers everywhere!

WestPac 20 Mar 89

20 Mar 89 Monday

160624, 2M4, 2.8, 450, Chester

FLew 2.8 with Chester on an Arty raid HC(A). CH-53 from Oki crashed around CP Unity, killing 22 onboard, 15 survivors. Dave Pimple was the copilot from flight school. Survivors were brought to Devil Dog and some to Pohang. Long long day. Worst kind of crash imaginable, broke up into flames near the LZ. 1/5 Charlie CO on board, praying that Jeff or Jim's neighbor wasn't onboard. The survivors were all enlisted Marines. One of those days that some of us will never forget. Team Spirit sucks. 114.

Hoping we leave Korea in our wake soon.

WestPac 19 Mar 89

19 Mar 89 Sun

160176, 2M4, 1.5, 450, Mankid
160176, 2K2, 0.3, Test, Mankid

Flew with Mankid to Silver Eagle and Pohang. Cut short when fuel spilled in aircraft, luckily we weren't in it. 115.

WestPac 18 Mar 89

18 Mar 89

No fly, all frags cancelled. Inventoried Chris' gear so it can be shipped home.

Capt Beason

LCpl Edwards

IstLt O'Connor

Cpl Vinet

In Memoriam

WestPac 17 Mar 89

17 Mar 89 Friday

160176, 2M4, 2.8, 360/450, Jabba

Flew with Jabba. Pohang, Blue Ridge. Greyhawk 113 crashed, 4 dead off Tok Sok Ri. Capt Larry Beason, IstLt Chris O'Connor, Cpl Vinet, LCpl Edwards. No explanation, just seemed to spin out of the sky at 300 feet and destroyed itself over a farmer's field. Maybe the mishap board will find something. I'll certainly miss my roommate Chris. He had a wide eyed view of the world, eager, motivated and a perpetual bachelor. Doesn't help too much to talk about it at this point. 117.

Greyhawk 102 flight deck ops.

WestPac 16 Mar 89

16 Mar 89 Thursday

160624, 2M4, 5.5, 450, Mankid

Flew 5.0 with Mankid. Deputy ROK CATF, BGen Willis (USAF), Dutch to Red Beach, BLT SgtMaj to LZ Vulture to drop mail. Landed Red Beach, Pohang, Blue Ridge, Devil Dog. Left seat landing between turning Frog and Super Shitter, fun. 118 to go.

Flight deck ops Devil Dog.

WestPac 15 Mar 89

15 Mar 89 Wednesday

160176, 2M4, 2.0, 450/270, Jabba

Flew MGen Smith 2.0 with Jabba. Pohang, RLT, Division HQ. Landed in riverbed by Red Beach, rice paddies by RLT HQ. Defied death over river gully on benji ditch. 119.

WestPac 14 Mar 89

14 Mar 89

160176, 2M4, 1.2, 450, Chester

Flew 1.8 with Chester, wing on Lief and Irish for SimCIFS. Flew inland, couldn't find anyone, came home. 120.

Coming back from chow.

WestPac 10-13 Mar 89

10-13 Mar 89 Fri Sat Sun Mon

11 Mar 160438, 1A4, 1.8, 450/340, Mankid
12 Mar 160438, 1A4, 6.2, 450/451, Hammer

50 cal shoot. Finally got to Pohang to pick up Korean General. DLQs on Iron Leader, Bold Explorer, Dubuque and Blue Ridge. Laundry crap, good and bad. Tomorrow starts Team Spirit. This journal is taking a nosedive because it sits right next to my mail. 124, 123, 122, 121 to go.

Mooch heading out for some flight time.

Skid Kids Chester, Mr E, Mooch, Mankid, Injun.

WestPac 06-09 Mar 89

06-09 Mar 89 Mon Tu Wed Th

God, what happened? Someone nuked us with a boredom bomb! Sitting in harbor at Pohang, no liberty, limited fresh JP-5 tainted water, haven't flown in 3 days. Laundry sucks, chow is pitiful at best, all the veal you can eat, but at least we are getting mail. Can't wait to get underway again. So bored I considering doing another section of the AWS correspondence couse. Well maybe not that bored...By the way Gen Hatcher lied, so much for flying from Oki to Korea. Guys who did go only made it to Iwakuni anyway because of weather, or was it the 3 extra days at the Q. PT'd a couple of more times. 128, 127, 126, 125 to go...well there's another good thing.

Mooch came by to entertain us.

Injun catching up on letters.

WestPac 05 Mar 89

05 Mar 89 Sunday

Had IWO from midnight til 0400. Wrote letters to Mom, Kati, Susan and Kristin. Got somewhat caught up on letters. Slept til 1200, got up long enough to find out winds were too strong to crank Hueys. Gen Smith (III MEF) came by to tell us to be safe for Team Spirit. Got 4000 laundry slips, passed out about 2500 of them, so guys shouldn't be bugging us for a while. Laundry has been terrible this week, got to do something to keep cammies from disappearing. Turkey for lunch and supper today. Cold and rainy outside. 129 to go.

WestPac 04 Mar 89

04 Mar 89 Saturday

29 for the first time. Pretty boring, flight ops cancelled. Had steak and strawberry ice cream at dimmer. Made a tape to send home, listened to some music, goofed off. Laundry screwed up again. Got great presents for bday, a big photo of Devil Dog signed by the Gunfighters and ship's CO...or maybe Injun forged it. The day was kind of dead, but it was a happy day. 130 to go.

It's my birthday, cancel the flight schedule and take the day off. Steak and ice cream for everyone!

WestPac 03 Mar 89

03 Mar 89 Friday

160453, 1A2/1A4, 2.0, 600/451, Hammer

Flew 2.0 with Hammer. Did my instrument check, instrument exam the day before. Passed instrument check okay, 3 bounces on Germantown, too dark to stay, came home. Opened my birthday presents early. Face of Battle book, S.P.E shirt from Kati, t shirt, socks, Catch 22, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy from Mom, VCR Dogfight video game from the dogs. Taped a video to send home, hope to get some more footage the next few days. PT'd in the morning, 15 minute run, 50 pushups, 100 sit ups, 30 pull ups. 131 to go.

Mooch preflighting.