15 December 2010

Master of Library and Information Science

Finished my Master of Library Science (MLS) degree at Texas Woman's University. The last semester's work included a practicum at an academic library, I got to work with some great people at Tarrant County College. Learned a lot and plan to apply what I learned in the aviation community. Focus will be on improving information storage, access and retrieval, as well as improving information timeliness, accuracy and reliability.

24 February 2010

Renaissance Man

Evidently I am a renaissance man and did not know it. Check out the tag cloud that amazon generated for me, based on my searches...

Aesthetics Anthropology Cognitive Psychology DVD Edinburgh Europe Finish Carpenter Framer Health Care Delivery History & Criticism Literary Theory Management Occupational & Organizational Piloting & Flight Instruction Plumber Popular Culture Professional & Technical Public Health Research Safety & Health Social Services & Welfare Sociology Statistics Theater World

Whoda thunk it?

08 January 2010

09 Jan 10

2 semesters down for the MLS, 2 to go. Had some great classes last semester in Library Technology, Research Methods and Library Management. This semester we'll go over Collection Development, Academic Libraries and Online Information Retrieval. My favorite text from last semester was Administrative Behavior by Noble Prize winner Dr Herbert Simon.

I set up a Human Factors and Safety Management Systems (SMS) seminar in Dallas for March 31 April 1. The registration fee is only $75 and we have a great line up of speakers. Check out the details on my Signal Charlie wiki. On of our speakers will be Dr Terry von Thaden, who has her PhD in Library and Information Science, and teaches human factors at Univ of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. We'll also get an update on safety culture surveys from Dr Ciavarelli of Human Factors Associates and an applied research brief from Dr Frank Durso of Georgia Tech. 16 speakers total, so be sure to check out the lineup and get signed up for Wings credit

Most interesting event this week, met Dr Sidney Dekker and we spent the afternoon with some ALPA Air Safety and Delta Air Lines Flight Safety folks in Atlanta. We had a good time and Delta was a great host to Sidney, he even got some time in the sim. The best part was when the intern failed the engine on takeoff, and Sidney managed to keep us shiny side up.

Fly Smart,