08 June 2008

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 14 Jan 91

Today was a fun day. The khaki flight suits arrived. Normal training day, standard classes on tactics and NBC. It's been raining hard all day, which was fun to watch from indoors.
Found out the flight suits hit supply this morning. Went to supply and signed for all of them about $15,000 for 83 of them.Got them back to the terminal and issued them out. Guys at the Wing did a good job getting them here as quick as they did, and the Flight Suits Limited folks did some quality work on a large order.
Today in the AOM the S-4 said "don't mail home green cammies, and if you have, send to have them returned". After a chorus of "screw you...dream on...no way" and lots of laughter Spot said "don't have them sent back". I guess we'll have to stay here if we don't have woodland cammies to wear home.

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