08 June 2008

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 13 Jan 91

13 JAN 91
Rainy and cool, thunderstorms in the area. Went to squadron for a few hours to check on the flight suits. They're in country somewhere. Found out that they aren't "here" yet. Maybe tomorrow. It was fun watching the rain pour down at the terminal vs watching it from the tent. Went back to the tent and found that my corner was flooded. Most things I had in plastic or sitting up off the floor, but some stuff still got wet. Most ents are treated with water repellent, doesn't seem that ours was, or it was done 20 years ago. Picked up my stuff and drilled some drain holes in the wooden floor. After I dried it. The did some sandbag surgery and moved liner away from wood frame, and that seems to be working. If that doesn't work, I suppose I'll float away tonight on the air mattress.
Getting to and from chow was an adventure, didn't get too muddy.

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