08 June 2008

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 12 Jan 91

12 Jan 91

160438, 5T2, 1.5, 260, Space

Ops normal, nothing out of the ordinary. Flew a photo mission today to film the Cobras shooting. I was having fun until it dawned on me that I had "stolen" the aircraft. Actually got to sign for the bird today as aircraft commander vs copilot. Hadn't signed for one in a while, so I forgot. I remembered as we were transitioning down the runway. Not a big deal, but get to catch flak from the maintenance folks. That qualifies as entertainment for them. Entertained Spot and Irish too, free of charge. Spot nodded and smiled when I got back and Irish said "Consider yourself thrashed." Public humiliation held to a minimum.
It was fun filming the Cobras and flying some form, then we landed and watched from the ground for a while. I flew with Space, his finger has healed.
Spent more time in the afternoon looking for flight equipment b.s. New flight suits are on the way. Reps at the Wing have been extremely helpful, some other folks at Group are perfecting the shoulder shrug. They did get an open purchase request in for the Mike Lites, $12,000.

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