19 May 2008

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 11 Jan 91

11 JAN 91

160171, 5T2, 2.1, 240/210, Peewee

Ops Normal. We've gone back to 8 hour crews after a week or so of 12 hour crews. The idea was to concentrate heavily on maintenance and inspect as many aircraft as possible, within their 100 hour phase cycle. Now we can fly another 100 hours without a major inspection. It was good to have something to do while I was med down. Our guys worked real hard. Even Spot and Irish agree.
Flew a basic section tactics hop today to start bringing the FNG up to speed. Saw some more guys from flight school, Jeff, Todd and Curt. Anyway, flew with PeeWee, Bean flew with the FNG. Did some low level and practiced hiding behind dust devils and small bushes. Flew by several Marine positions, that was fun. They wave and we get a chance to wave back. I think it helps them to know we're out here with them. I know I like it when I see the jets going overhead, heading north for patrol.
Chames went out and trained for aerial gunner. He has a good attitude and is up to speed on the history of the region. He's always cheerful and it is fun to work with him. Plus he has a good sense of humor.
Time for M&Ms.

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