19 May 2008

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 10 Jan 91

10 JAN 91
Goofed around all day with Trimble GPS receivers, mount kits and antennas. There's finally an interest in this and I'm the only guy in the squadron smart on it, plus the XO. So I spent the day telling guys what it will and won't do. Plus deciding where it should be installed in the Huey. Plus getting more install kits. The units are hand held, but can be hard mounted, and wired with external power and external antennas. That provides better coverage from the constellation and doesn't burn through batteries. Fun stuff.
Leif is here, F.E. OIC for 775. We traded some notes and I tried to steal their binos, no luck. Perry's wife is here on a reporting trip and they'll get to spend a day or two together. He says they weren't going to let them check into the hotel because they didn't have a copy of their marriage license. What a backwards, screwed up country. What if we told them they couldn't observe their prsctices and religions while they were in our country? Sorry, no veils, no mosques. What a bunch of hypocrites. I wish we'd hurry up and figure out how to drill sideways.
Gonna fly some basic tactics tomorrow with PeeWee, Bean and the FNG. Should be fun. Weather is cooling down again. Maintenance push went well, birds are in good shape, especially Hueys. Tent is doing good too.

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