14 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 02 Dec 90

02 Dec 90
Spent most of the day goofing off. A lovely breakfast of eggs, oatmeal, pineapple and juice, I was only somewhat nauseous when I left the chow tent.Back to the tent, read a book for a while, then went to watch the boxing matches. They were fun to watch, everyone seemed to enjoy them. Cpl Sanson boxed and TKO'd his opponent in the first round. Everyone wore headgear, big gloves, etc but they were still wearing each other out. That was the most fun I've seen guys having since I've been here. Wheat and Dutch spent a lot of time training these guys and working with the MWR folks to get a real boxing ring. The matches were mainly USMC vs Seabees, but there were a few USN vs USN bouts too.
Back to the tent and listened to the radio on the "porch" for a while, with Injun, Grif, PeeWee and Road Kill. Dinner was good, beef? stew. Camel, maybe?
The birds are holding up pretty well, the only hold up is parts. We've been flying some TERF routes and using the GPS, which is funny because there is very little terrain here and the GPS constellation is only in view for a few hours a day. The LORAN has been working fine though, plus there's always the good old chart. We have one chart that has absolutely no terrain features, contour lines or anything else depicted on it, just brown dots to depict the featureless, flat sand. We drew a TERF route on it as a joke and posted it on the wall in the Ready Room. We'll never get lost, though, because there is always someone willing to tell you where to go.
Haven't requested any more GPS receivers yet. Government just put up another NAVSTAR last week, so coverage should be improving. Paper said 12 of the proposed 24 have been launched so far, to be complete in 1992.
Had a CH-53E burn up. They had a problem, landed, put out a small fire, but it flared and burnt the helo to the ground. Everyone is OK, no injuries. Talk about snake bite...the same squadron had a taxi mishap and crashed another one. They can't have many left. Only one person injured out of all of these.