15 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 30 Dec 90

30 Dec 90

Spent my day off sleeping til 1015, then cleaning up around my rack. Flipped through about ten magazines and went to terminal for about 45 minutes. Had a slice of pizza for lunch, with Mooch. It was a beautiful day today, mid 70s, small breeze. Raised the tent flap for a few hours. Read more magazines. Also, did a Depot level repair on my electric razor. It quit working. I took the case apart, removed the screen, blades, battery cap, batteries, motor, switch and plastic cam. Cleaned all the electrical contacts. The motor wouldn't turn for some reason, so I took it apart and found a contact had come loose at the base of the motor. The thing was so small that I had to use tweezers to put it back in its slot. Made an adjustment to the switch, put it all back together and, voila! It works! Diamond proclaimed me to be a razor electronics genius.

Evening chow sucked, but there was Cokes, M&Ms and Oreos for desert. Listened to some jazz, no good football games, then time for a shower and sleeping bag (with sweats).

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