15 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 27 Dec 90

27 Dec 90

159204, 5T2, 2.7, 260/370, PeeWee

Got up at 0515 for an 0600 brief. VIP standby, flew down to Bahrain to pick up LtGen Mundy. Got there, got gas and sat near the runway waiting for him for an hour. Meanwhile, one mile away, Bob Hope and Marie Osmond were giving a show. maybe that's where he was? If we'd known he was going to be late we could have seen part of it. The "3 Daves" flew Bob Hope yesterday. They talked to him briefly and may have gotten a picture with him. They said he hopped out and started walking away from the helo while they were trying to shut down real quick and get out to say hi. He walked off a ways, then turned around and walked back towards the helo. The 3 Daves got their cameras out as he walked by them and munbled something like "I'll be right there." He then proceeded back by the tailboom and took a leak on the sand. After he was finished he came back to the group and shook some hands. All of the guys were impressed that he knew where to go for the official "leak check", but then again, he's been riding around on Hueys for 30 years. So that is now their Bob Hope brush with fame story.

Gen Mundy showed up (I don't think he was late, I think we were sent down way early). he was waiting for LtGen Wills to show up, who needed a ride also. Wills is the head aviator in the Corps. So there was a delay and we got to shoot the breeze with Gen Mundy. I asked him how Gen Sullivan was doing and he said "Oh, you know Lancer, he never has a bad day. He's flying Hornets and hoping they need him over here." He said he was boating and having fun on the east coast. He also asked us how the birds were holding up and was glad he could come over and see how they could support us from the FMFLant. He was very nice, and talked with us longer than anyone else has over here. The usually don't have time.

I was tired when we got back and it is cold. Filled some sandbags to warm up after we had to eat outdoors They're improving the chow tents, so they are all pulled down. Hope that doesn't last long. Waaaah! We're damn lucky to have 1) a chow hall and 2) tents to eat the chow in.

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