15 July 2007

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 26 Dec 90

26 Dec 90

159204, 5T2, 4.4, 260, PeeWee

Briefed at 0515 to fly backup VIP aircraft for a 3 star (some procurement branch head from DC). Flew around all day with PeeWee. At the FAARP we spotted some boxed rations, so Nemo and Mooch stole some for our lunch. These were the newer meals, packed in a box for 12 people. Our box had trays of lasagna, fruit cocktail, coffee, peanuts, butter, crackers, Tabasco and even foam cups and napkins. All you need is an oven. At our last stop we had a 2 hour wait at a small airport, so we talked the Saudis into letting us use their oven. They even offered us some pita bread and tea. There was a crew lounge with couches and chairs, so we shared a meal. Some guys made "lasagna burritos".

Got back to base, no mail, went to tent, got a shower, crashed.

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